Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hangover Cure

This year again I was not looking forward to the huge hangovers that go along with the season. Also being suseptible to blog hangovers from staying up too late it can make the whole festive season seem like a complete blurr.This year was differnet. I became educated in the proper use of drinking water and the effects of dehydration on the body. A combination of alcohol, lack of sleep and dyhration all add up to scrambled brains.Yes, this year was very different. Still a little milky from the lack of sleep and alcohol intake, that third element was missing. Dehydration. Now, if you think that drinking a lot of water will handle this, well think again. You really need to be drinking the right type of water. Purified water, right?No. Even purified water has been stripped of the essential minerals needed to allow your body to truely hydrate and operate as it should. The secret is high alcoline, mineral enhanced water.To find out more, check out what the experts say at www.hugehangover.comI have taken the test as as never before I am back on mt feet leaping into a great new year.
Cheers, Mike King.
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