Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hangover remedies

Our Hangover Remedies are now linked up across the globe and every search engine on the web is indexing fast.

Google are always the best supplier of traffic with massive popularity world wide. Just google it for hangover remedies.

Warmly, The Hangover Crew.


Friday, June 20, 2008

The Cure.

This was the first time that the cure really came to my view. I had not idead that it was so powerful until I had accidentally put it through it's paces.

This is just a small sample of what occured on that night:

"This is my state of mind as I can still recall it. "I am feeling good. I am totally drink and enjoying the buss of the Boubons, but I am not falling over all over the place. I am in the zone man. Come on, let's dance. I hit the floor with a pack of ragers and push up to the front with the DJ, This really hot chick has latched onto me and we are squeezing through the crowd. People just seem to be parting and letting us through because I am smiling and raging. Agro just isn't necessary. Let's Party."

The DJ was mixing out some wild tracks and the place was all coming into a smoothe rythme on syncronised pulse. I have never felt such a buzz of excitement and party mode before. This is The Cure. It must be the effects of dehydration that make you act like a ding done. The alcohol must act on your body like a poisong or something. Because with the cure to counter act the bad effects, you jsut get the nice warm glow of the alcohol. Really cool effect.

It was an accidental discovery, but was how it worked for me. So I decided to get a few of the boys to play guinnie pig and then the fun really began.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hangover remedies

The ultimate hangover remedy is here. It has passed the ultimate set of intrinsically safe testing grounds over imaginable.

A lot of brain cells were sacrificed in the search for the worlds greatest cure. We made it. We are still here and now our heads are clearing.

I would love to thank my other crash test dummies Don and Mark. These guys really went the hard yard to give it all they had in pushing the cure to the limit. Well! Finally after more than 2 years of various tests, the formula has been verified as working 10 out of 10 times.

Every time.

No more depression days.

No more regrets.

No more "No More!, Never Again."

Yes! Last night was awesome and you deserve the fond memories that they were.

Cheers, Mike for the Huge Hangover Crew.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

hangover remedies

Looks like the world went crazy to download the hangover cure to get back on there feet today in order to start the new year. 2008 looks like shaping up to be huge with more and more people getting ahold of the Huge Hangover Cure free ebook.

This is the only cure that does not just cover up the symptons by drugging or suppressing the pain. And "Oh How Painful." that pain is with a well deserved hangover.

Oh no! The Huge Hangover Cure opens up the body's natural operating system so that it can breath and function as if should be able to despite the bombing that is occuring from a raging night on the town.

As I strolled home through George Street last night, all I could see was a mass of people that were going to have no hope in the morning of yet another year of New Year Resolutions smashed by the depression that is encompassed by any worthy hangover.

The Huge Hangover Curedeletes any such effects and puts you up naturally ready to battle another round and take on the world. I kid you not. Try it and find out for yourself.

Happy New Year to all you Huge Hangover Ebook Owners and I fair you one more year of serious partying.

Too a Huge 2008.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Head Ache Gone without the Asprin

Hi there,

Had a big night the other night I couldn't beleive it I recovered pretty quickly after it.The next day I woke up with a headache and hangover but after drinking some X2O in the morning my headache went away very quickly.I continued drinking X2O during the day and didn’t feel dehydrated like you normally would.

Man this stuff is great.

Mike S

From Sydney

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My worst hang-Over

Hi there,
One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had on the booze was at a party in Queensland.
It was all you can drink and all you can eat seafood. I definitely pushed the "all you can…" to the limit.
So 27 beers later and a gut full of prawns and crab, I collapsed in some ones bed, only to be woken at 5.00 am with the worst head and stomach ache. I had the worst hangover you could imagine and I’d just copped a dose of food poisoning from the seafood. So I hit the toilet in a big way.
Head first heaving into the dunny I off-loaded a load of prawns and beer, and then simultaneously I had a huge bowel movement. I didn’t know which end to put where.
I made the hugest mess of myself and my immediate surroundings. I wasn’t at all popular with my host. I cleaned up as much as I could, and slinked away. I spent the next three days in a bed as sick as a dog. I vowed never to drink again.
That promise lasted about 2 weeks. I went to a state of origin with a bunch of mates, and the rest is history.
I learnt a valuable lesson from that experience though. Never to make stupid promises you can’t keep again.
Good Luck
Huge Hang-Over Crew.
PS. I bet no one can top this Huge Hang-Over story.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The X-File-Huge Hang-Over Cure

Hi there,
Coming soon to a computer near you is the cure "they" did not want you to find out about. This is the X-File of all Hangover Cures. Vested interests do not want you to know about this alcoholic break through.
Many brain cells were lost in order to bring you "The Huge Hang Over Cure." However, all great discoveries require elements of self-sacrafice in order to better the lives of many others for the sake of a few (Namely the three members of the Hang Over Crew.)We unselfishly spent the last 10 years involving ourselves with exhaustive field research to ensure this cure works. Despite most of the last 10 years being a blur we are sure "The H.H.O.C." performs.
Through much adversity we have concocted the only true Hang Over Cure. If followed exactly as written, little or no effect will ensue a "Big One." In fact, if needed, you could jump back on it by the next day. This places a whole new complexion upon the expression "Big Weekend away."
Just think how impressed your boss will be, after spending the weekend with some clients, whooping it up, and then showing up bright and early on Monday morning ready for a big day on the job. The cure will secure your attendance at every future soiree and function your boss puts on. Your work mates will be so jealous of you.
Anyway, apart from all that, the days of you being the effect of a "Big One" are over.
We have written the ultimate Huge Hangover Cure E-Book which will only be available through . This site is still under maintenance, however it will be up soon. Watch this space and stay tuned.
Best regards and good luck
Huge Hang-Over Crew