Saturday, April 15, 2006

The X-File-Huge Hang-Over Cure

Hi there,
Coming soon to a computer near you is the cure "they" did not want you to find out about. This is the X-File of all Hangover Cures. Vested interests do not want you to know about this alcoholic break through.
Many brain cells were lost in order to bring you "The Huge Hang Over Cure." However, all great discoveries require elements of self-sacrafice in order to better the lives of many others for the sake of a few (Namely the three members of the Hang Over Crew.)We unselfishly spent the last 10 years involving ourselves with exhaustive field research to ensure this cure works. Despite most of the last 10 years being a blur we are sure "The H.H.O.C." performs.
Through much adversity we have concocted the only true Hang Over Cure. If followed exactly as written, little or no effect will ensue a "Big One." In fact, if needed, you could jump back on it by the next day. This places a whole new complexion upon the expression "Big Weekend away."
Just think how impressed your boss will be, after spending the weekend with some clients, whooping it up, and then showing up bright and early on Monday morning ready for a big day on the job. The cure will secure your attendance at every future soiree and function your boss puts on. Your work mates will be so jealous of you.
Anyway, apart from all that, the days of you being the effect of a "Big One" are over.
We have written the ultimate Huge Hangover Cure E-Book which will only be available through . This site is still under maintenance, however it will be up soon. Watch this space and stay tuned.
Best regards and good luck
Huge Hang-Over Crew