Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My worst hang-Over

Hi there,
One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had on the booze was at a party in Queensland.
It was all you can drink and all you can eat seafood. I definitely pushed the "all you can…" to the limit.
So 27 beers later and a gut full of prawns and crab, I collapsed in some ones bed, only to be woken at 5.00 am with the worst head and stomach ache. I had the worst hangover you could imagine and I’d just copped a dose of food poisoning from the seafood. So I hit the toilet in a big way.
Head first heaving into the dunny I off-loaded a load of prawns and beer, and then simultaneously I had a huge bowel movement. I didn’t know which end to put where.
I made the hugest mess of myself and my immediate surroundings. I wasn’t at all popular with my host. I cleaned up as much as I could, and slinked away. I spent the next three days in a bed as sick as a dog. I vowed never to drink again.
That promise lasted about 2 weeks. I went to a state of origin with a bunch of mates, and the rest is history.
I learnt a valuable lesson from that experience though. Never to make stupid promises you can’t keep again.
Good Luck
Huge Hang-Over Crew.
PS. I bet no one can top this Huge Hang-Over story.