Friday, June 20, 2008

The Cure.

This was the first time that the cure really came to my view. I had not idead that it was so powerful until I had accidentally put it through it's paces.

This is just a small sample of what occured on that night:

"This is my state of mind as I can still recall it. "I am feeling good. I am totally drink and enjoying the buss of the Boubons, but I am not falling over all over the place. I am in the zone man. Come on, let's dance. I hit the floor with a pack of ragers and push up to the front with the DJ, This really hot chick has latched onto me and we are squeezing through the crowd. People just seem to be parting and letting us through because I am smiling and raging. Agro just isn't necessary. Let's Party."

The DJ was mixing out some wild tracks and the place was all coming into a smoothe rythme on syncronised pulse. I have never felt such a buzz of excitement and party mode before. This is The Cure. It must be the effects of dehydration that make you act like a ding done. The alcohol must act on your body like a poisong or something. Because with the cure to counter act the bad effects, you jsut get the nice warm glow of the alcohol. Really cool effect.

It was an accidental discovery, but was how it worked for me. So I decided to get a few of the boys to play guinnie pig and then the fun really began.