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The TIME Diet, for women who love baked potatoes


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The TIME Diet, for women who love baked potatoes

Author: Helen Laxton

Like most women I have been on diet after diet, I loose weight I gain weight and am on this continual rollercoaster road of size 12 to size 16. I deceided that all I really needed was a habbit change rather than life changing diet.

So who am I, your usualy curvy early thirty something. I love food especially my baked potatoes, italian pasta dishes and creamy sauces. I enjoy cooking, eating out and cannot stick to anything except watching my favouite soap 3 times a week!

Here's how I lost 2 stone in 6 months thats a size 16 to size 12 still curvy but much happier when I go shopping or out for an evening. BTW 2 stones in 6 months a more realistic weight loss which allows you to maintain the future weight. Diets which promise more drastic results are usually about cutting calories too far so you have little energy and enjoyment eating!

Welcome to the TIME Diet - In Summary.

Body Timing..
Start to programme your body so it knows when it will be getting food. This is hard to do but is essential to the process.

Eat in the morning between 7 and 9am,
Eat at lunchtime 12.30 to 2pm (1.30pm if you have a family with young kids)
Eat in the evening around 7pm (6.30pm if you have a family with young kids)
These times should fit most households and lifestyles. I have provided timings for those of you with a young family where it is essential to eat as a group and train your kids good habbits from an early age.
Eat Snacks throughout the day, but these should only be fruit or vegetables. Dont take pre pepared fruit or veg, prepare and peel as and when you want to eat it but no more than 3 pieces a day (wow a diet that tells you not to eat endless fruit and veg).

Food timing...
After 1.30pm or 2pm you cannot eat those supposed bad carbs, normally potatoes, white pasta and rice & bread. This is easy people, heres a sample diet:

Breakfast: 2 slices multigrain toast with marmite, glass or orange juice and mug of tea/coffee.
Snack 1: apple with small box raisons
Lunch: Baked Potato (no larger than your hand) with margarine, chilli and cheese
Snack 2: clementine and small banana
Evening meal: Grilled chicken breast marinated in lemon, garlic and greek low fat yogurt, grilled vegetables including aubergine, tomato, onion, mushroom and pepper. For desert you swap your large dinner plate for a small plate and for this example I had some peach sorbet.
Snack 3: grapes

If you have a 2 course meal, allow at least 20 minutes before courses. This will allow your stomach to start digesting the first meal and give you a better perception of your hunger.

Drink timing...
You must drink at least 1.5 litres of water in a day, fill up your bottle so you have a target, however drink throughout the day.
Alcohol, well I don't know aout you but I usually need a glass of wine in the evening.
Weekdays Monday-Thursday drink no more than 1 1/2 glass
Weekends Friday and Saturday night this can be extended to no more than 4 glasses
Weekends Sunday, try not to have anything today, if you are tempted only in the day not after 7pm

There are good and bad drinks, however this diet is about timing so ideally you will drink white wine, white spirits if you can with diet mixers such as tonic or soda water. White wine spritza may well be an 80's fashion drink but makes your allowance last much longer. For every glass of wine have a large glass of water, plus a large glass of water before you go to bed this also helps reduce the hangovers.

Every night have a mug of hot water with slice of lemon

Portion control...
I found I cooked double portions compared to perhaps a meal I would get in a restaurant. Portion control is easy, take a normal size dinner plate, for breakfast and lunch you should see at least 1/3 of the plate empty. The height of you food should be no more than 2 CM. For desert you should have a smaller plate probably 1/3rd of the size of the dinner plate.

Please do this approx, remember this is about a life change not controlled diet experiment!

Fitness control...
You need to work out 3 times a week for at least 40 minutes allowing for a 5 min warm up and 5 min stretch warm down. Monday, Wednesday and Friday work well. Dont worry about going to a gym I workout from home. My living room with all the furniture pushed back makes for a good dance studio. In the first month, you need to enjoy working out if it becomes a hasle you have broken all chance of loosing weight. Put all your favouite up tempt songs onto one cd and time if for 30 minutes. Your warm up should be stepping, lunges and a few squats basically you are warming up the mussels. For 30 miuites dance your heart out! move your legs with perhaps some kicks to the front, side and back, use your arms to punch forward and out to the side.
Squat to the sound of the music generally work up a sweat dancing keep moving and dont stand still if you are out of breath at least step on the spot with some arm movements. After your dance work out do at least 50 stomach/ab crunches sets of 10 with 30 seconds rest will be good for beginners. After your first month invest in a kick boxing DVD workout video, you should now have a good basic fitness level. Kick boxing with dance will allow you to start toning all areas of your body with a maximum fat burn.

Note this is for someone of around 13/14 stone, the larger you are the longer you need e.g. 16 stone you need 2 months minimum and 18 stone 3 months minimum of dancing before you get into a dvd workout.

I am accounting that you will be doing light housework through the week, if you dont add at least 20 minutes into your sunday which could be a long but brisque walk. Walking the dog during the week doesn't count as your exercise this is a little bonus!

Top Time Diet tips!
Hear that tummy rumble, every day you should hear your tummy rumble if you dont cut back on the portions of food!
Well thats it in summary, change your lift and the diet will just happen!

About the Author

Helen Laxton writes for the website dedicated to diet regimes.


Success and Money � 10 Creative Ways to Attract Wealth


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Success and Money � 10 Creative Ways to Attract Wealth

Author: Tania French

Copyright 2005 Tania French

Many creative people have a bad attitude about making money. When it comes to talking about wealth and prosperity, they look at you like you�re from Mars.

Well, I�ll let you in on a little secret.

The purpose of creative art inspire. Wrong. The purpose of all creativity is to make money.

Oh, I can hear some of you cringe at the thought. And that�s just it. Your thoughts about money are, well � let me put it this way � they�re not bringing in much dough. Most importantly, your thoughts about suffering for your art are not allowing you to develop the full measure of your gifts.

I�m not saying that art should not be inspiring. All great art is. Just that it has to bring in a good income. An inspiring income.

Why not admit right now that having money, and I mean a lot of money, eliminates all worries and stress. No more energy wasted on how you�re going to pay those bills. No more creative energy gone down the drain as you stress out about your debts.

Here are ten ways to attract wealth.

1. First and foremost: Accept the possibility of wealth in your life. This is a big step towards manifesting riches.

2. Figure out what you would do for nothing. All successful people are receiving compensation for doing things that they�d do for nothing. They are getting paid for doing something they truly enjoy. Now that is success.

3. Eliminate self-doubt and criticism. Change the channels, turn down the volume and switch to your inner voice of supreme confidence. Make it play the tune you want to hear.

4. Accept an initial large workload. Don�t quit your current job. Allow it to finance your new road to wealth. You might be burning the midnight oil initially, but that�s just to get you off the ground and running.

5. Bury the hatchet of guilt. Deal with all unresolved emotional hangovers. Bury them and never look back. Otherwise they will drain your valuable creative juices.

6. Simplify your external stimuli. Silence your TV and radio to the point that all they are used for is to enhance your creative life.

7. Slow down. You�ll be far more efficient when you stop rushing around like most people. Your mind won�t be on overload so it can reclaimed and used to envision your new life.

8. Get rid of all your beliefs. Beliefs keep you from experiencing life. They are a blind acceptance of someone else�s experience. Only you can decide what works and what doesn�t. No belief in the world can do this for you.

9. Interrupt all thoughts of fear. They will silence your visions of success. Instead, see that everything is possible. Abundance is infinite. It�s not monopolized. A life of wealth is yours for the taking.

10. Imagine a life where all your needs are fulfilled. Can you feel the result of such a life? In fact, the more you see yourself living fully, the likelier the possibility is of that happening.

It�s the joy and freedom of wealth that we are all seeking. So, never for a moment think that you�re not one of the chosen ones. Break your poverty mentality. That�s all history.

Begin today in your mind�s eye picturing yourself as wealthy. There�s no turning back.

�You must put the whole power of your great soul into every act, however small and commonplace, and so reveal to your family, your friends, and neighbors what you really are.� �Wallace D. Wattles.

So, find the one thing you just love to do and pay exclusive attention to it. Keep all distractions at bay. Never waver from your love. Your beautiful life is intricately dependent on your careful attention to this one thing.

Keywords: money, Artist, Creative, Rich, Success, Wealth, New Thought, Memory

About the Author
Tania French, United States
More Details about money here. Tania French is a composer who has enjoyed performances and radio broadcasts of her music worldwide. Her latest CD �Renewal� (released in December, 2005) will feature a rejuvenating fusion of new age, classical, and world songs. You can subscribe to her popular newsletter at ="">