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What is Homoeopathy


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What is Homoeopathy

Author: Andrea Putting N.D

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Homeopathy is a highly specialised form of natural medicine based on the concept of 'like cures like'. In other words a substance that is found to cause symptoms in a healthy person will cure the same symptoms that occur in a sick person.

Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources and diluted and potentised. The more a remedy is diluted and succussed (potentised), the stronger it becomes as a cure. Many people find the whole concept of using a remedy, where it has been diluted so much, that no physical particles exist, is a bit hard to entertain. However, when you have experienced Homoeopathy, you will know that it works. The greatest of sceptics can be turned around from one single dose of a well-chosen Homoeopathic remedy.

Symptoms, in homoeopathy, refer to much more than just a symptom, e.g. a cold. It looks at the whole symptom picture, the whole person, changes that are felt by the patient or observed by someone else. They include not just the physical symptoms, but also the emotional and mental picture.

Homoeopathy is a wholistic medicine and a Homoeopath will always look at the whole person. Symptoms do not present themselves in isolation; they are reflected in the whole person. A Homoeopath looks beyond the presenting symptoms of a patient. They don�t just look, for example, at constipation, but how that affects the whole person, the totality of the symptoms. Putting together the full picture takes a bit of detective work. It includes the mental, physical and emotional aspects and how these are changed or how these symptoms differ from someone else suffering from the same complaint. The circumstance of the commencement of the symptoms is also a factor.

Choosing the one correct remedy can be difficult and it is a challenge especially for the home prescriber. Homoeopaths can spend hours deliberating over the right remedy for their clients. However you should not be deterred from using simple first aid remedies for your families. It just takes a little observance and the great results will encourage you further.

Homoeopathic medicines are a catalyst to improving the vital force, improving the all over health. They help to stimulate the defence system of the body. They don�t weaken the system; they don�t suppress the symptoms. The correct homoeopathic remedy will not only alleviate the symptoms, but allow the person to feel harmony in their life. All over wellness can occur, mental, emotional and physically.

Homoeopathy can treat all types of illness, chronic, acute and minor accidents.

Here are a few of the most common homoeopathic remedies that are used for first aid treatments.

Aconite is generally used for conditions that come on suddenly, caused by fright, fear or shock, or exposure to dry cold winds, or even sometimes intense heat. It is usually used at the beginning of an infection such as coughs and colds, ear, eye and throat conditions (esp. when come on sudden) The symptoms to watch for in this case are restlessness and disturbed sleep. The face may be red, hot; flushed and swollen, pains are severe and burning. The face may become pale on rising.

This remedy works best within the first 24-48 hours of illness

Arnica is an excellent first aid treatment and is used for physical and emotional shock and injury. It is useful for conditions that arise from overuse of muscles, such as soreness and stiffness after exercise.

Bruising, taking Arnica after bumps or injury can prevent bruises from coming up and the soreness associated with it. It helps promotes healing of damaged tissues and helps to control bleeding, making it ideal after surgery or childbirth.

It is useful for joint and muscle problems, such as osteoarthritis and unaccustomed exercise, cramps, bruises and sprains.

Concussion and black eyes are treated well with Arnica.

Overuse is a key word to remember, whether it is overuse of muscles, eyestrain or loss of voice.

Arsencium Album is useful for anxiety and fears, which come from underlying insecurities and over-sensitivities.

Many digestive complaints are treated with Arsencium, especially when the symptoms come with a burning sensation and restlessness. Useful for disorders such as food poisoning, diarrhoea, diarrhoea associated with nervousness, indigestion, vomiting, and gastroenteritis. Dehydration caused by fever and diarrhoea, especially in children, does well with treatment of Arsencium.

Nux Vomica can relieve problems caused by over-indulgence of foods, tea, coffee and other stimulants. Nux is widely known as the hangover remedy, it can prevent the hangover from occurring! The after effects of a hangover can also be remedied with this.

Nux Vomica is good for colds where there is a blocked nose at night, but it is runny during the day. For flu, with fever and stiff, shivering, aching muscles, and dry, tickling coughs.

Nux is great for relieving nausea and can prevent vomiting. Great for morning sickness or travel sickness.

Pulsatilla is used for colds, ear-aches, sinusitis, coughing, eye discharges, where there is a thick yellow to green discharge.

When rich and fatty foods, dairy products, etc, cause problems such as nausea, indigestion, diarrhoea, vomiting, Pulsatilla is the remedy that is often indicated.

Pulsatilla assists with menstrual and menopausal problems that are accompanied by weepiness and clinginess along with a need for comfort and sympathy.

Rhus Tox is mainly used to treat skin complaints that mirror that of the symptoms of poison ivy. They are burning, itching, red and swollen and a tendency to scaling. This occurs in case such as herpes, nappy rash, blisters and eczema. It is also used in musculoskeletal problems such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism, restless legs, cramps, sprains and strains.

Sepia acts on the vagina, ovaries and uterus and is used for many women�s complaints. Ailments such as heavy bleeding, painful periods, PMT, hot flushes during menopause, thrush, physical and emotional problems during and after pregnancy and from sagging and prolapse uterus.

Silica Used for those who have weakened immune systems and have recurrent infections such as colds, sore throats and ear infections. It is given for Glue ears and chronic catarrh infections.

Unhealthy skin that becomes infected easily, with weak nails and weakened bones. Babies who have slow closing fontanels. Silica is used to dispel objects such as splinters and other foreign objects.

Nervous system problems such as constipation, migraines and insomnia due to stress and overwork can be treated with silica.

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