Monday, March 20, 2006

No Hangover. For Real.

Are you like me. Three beers and you are shit for two days. Yeh! Well if that is your history too, listen to this.

Saturday I was at Telstra Stadium for the Internet Marketing Centre Seminar with Derek Gehl. After a great day, Don Hume, Mark Dowling (One of the Aussie under cover quiet achievers and legend.) and myself slipped over to the pub for a few beers.
After a great laugh and three very nice cold Hann Beers, we headed back for the final section on Blogging and Pod Casting.

We ventured home about 10am and the only thing I did different that night was to drink my regular Xooma Water.

I didn't realise until late the next afternoon that I had remained optomistic and extoverted for the whole day. Believe me, this is a complete opposite to the normal - Just Can't Get It Together. This is a real differnece.

I can truly say that even though this is just one fraction of the true hangover cure only available at , for me it is a miracle.

ML Mike King.